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Affiliated Companies

Working together for evolution

infoWERK Medien & Technik GmbH            

Our affiliate infoWERK Medien & Technik GmbH, situated in Stuttgart, Germany,  is a general supplier of tailored presentation equipment, media  and teaching systems for education and presentations. The company projects and implements technical equipment for education, presentation and conference establishments. Among its customers there are numerous leading education institutions and international companies having training, seminar and conference settlings in Southern Germany.

For more information please contact

infoWERK Medien & Technik GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 3
D-70839 Stuttgart Gerlingen

Phone: +49 (0) 711 342471-0
Fax: +49 (0) 711 342471-11


COBiiAS AG                                                          

Our affiliate COBiiAS AG was founded in 2013 to offer Computer-Based Simulation Integrated Training Systems (COBiiAS) to specific target groups dealing with and open to new methodologies for efficient pilot training.

The system provided by COBiiAS AG will train pilots the way they are expected to work during the normal everyday operation, i.e. with a fully integrated system and all information and learning content available online at any location worldwide. For this the pilots sit in a real cockpit and learn about all aspects of their aircraft from a cockpit perspective. The new and very innovative COBiiAS virtual cockpit and/or electronic poster take the aspect of system and crew management as well as procedural knowledge more into consideration since they are connected to a simulation server via the internet, ensuring the correct function of all instruments, systems etc. The hardware and software can be installed anywhere in the world enabling the pilots to do the major part of their training close to their own location, thus avoiding travel expenses.

For more information please contact us.