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We have a strong background in media technology, conference room equipment, aviation in general and especially aviation eLearning – but most of all in developing new technologies for communication and training. As diverse as our competencies are we are united by our love for what we do every day. Because only those who love what they do do it well.

We understand Media Technology and eLearning – and we love Design.

infoWERK Wolfgang Lachinger Geschäftsleitung

Since infoWERK was founded, I have been associated with the company - first as a customer, later in various areas of work, and now for several years in management. Being able to shape the latest technological developments and solutions together with a team of experts is challenging and exciting even after many years.


Wolfgang Lachinger

COO, Managing Director - eLearning

infoWERK Roland Gatt, Geschäftsleitung

As an industrial engineer I joined the management of our family-run group of companies in 2003. At infoWERK I found my passion. Here I can bring together the most diverse expertise of our team in our products because the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Roland Gatt

CEO, Managing Partner

infoWERK Robert Heinsch

Appreenticeship. Work experience. Qualification as a trainer. I have followed the classic path of a craftsman. At infoWERK I can put my perfectionism into my work every day and at the end of the day see what has been created.


Robert Heinsch

Plant Manager Innsbruck

infoWERK Daniel Schmidt

I came to infoWERK as a freelancer and found the company delightfully different right from the start. The consistent quality standards, the service orientation and the unpretentious corporate climate are exactly mine.


Daniel Schmidt

Plant Manager Gerlingen

infoWERK Martin Korn

I have been selling media technology for over 15 years. At infoWERK, I can perfectly combine my two hobbies of technology and Design. The solution orientation in the company, seeing our works in daily use by customers and the extremely gratifying customer feedback motivate me.


Martin Korn

Sales Manager

infoWERK Bettina Möhring

As a media educator, I designed teaching concepts. After more than 20 years at infoWERK, I'm now responsible for corporate communications and supporting sales in Austria and Switzerland. What do I particularly like? The creativity in the company, the variety and the focus on sustainability in our daily work.


Bettina Möhring

Corporate Communication

infoWERK Erich Müller

After higher technical school and college I was in media technology from my first day of work and have been with infoWERK since 2004. What I particularly enjoy here is the wide range of requirements and the opportunity to learn something new every day.


Erich Müller

Engineering Manager

infoWERK Christoph Rauch

I've been with infoWERK since 2001 – first in media design, later in systems development. I like the pleasant company atmosphere and the challenge in realizing new ideas and concepts to continuously improve our software.


Christoph Rauch

Manager System Programming

infoWERK Ludwig GARY

After a technical education as well as advertising & media designer training, I had the chance to join infoWERK with the mandatory internship. Since the start of the eLearning division, I have been able to help shape this area and make eLearning popular worldwide. In order to always be at the forefront, however, it is necessary to constantly look beyond one's own nose.


Ludwig Gary

Manager Media Design

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