DHC-8 Courses

DHC-8 eLearning courses for Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance

infoWERK’s exceptional DHC-8 pilot eLearning courses are designed to empower aircraft engineers and avionics professionals with comprehensive training on various DHC-8 aircraft types.


Our specialized courses cater to both experienced aircraft mechanics seeking recurrent training and aspiring technicians embarking on their journey to becoming proficient DHC-8 aircraft engineers.

Decades of experience in aviation training and all DHC-8 topics covered

We provide decades of experience in aviation training, ensuring that our eLearning courses are crafted with precision and backed by industry experts. Whether you carry out maintenance and servicing of the DHC-8-100, -200, -300, or -400 aircraft, our eLearning platform covers all variants. Our courses encompass a wide range of topics, including aircraft systems, avionics, propulsion, hydraulics, and electrical systems specific to the DHC-8 model.

Trainees are introduced to the aircraft's structural components and their interconnections, understanding how to inspect, troubleshoot, and repair them effectively. Additionally, the courses emphasize safety procedures, regulatory compliance, and industry best practices to ensure that engineers are well-equipped to maintain the aircraft at the highest standards.

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