EMB 145 Course

Online Embraer 145 (ERJ145) Maintenance Training Course

The comprehensive ERJ145 Maintenance Training course is designed to provide aviation enthusiasts and professionals with expert-level knowledge and practical insights into maintaining and servicing the ERJ145 aircraft.


Developed by aircraft engineering experts at infoWERK, the course allows students to gain a deep understanding of the ERJ145 aircraft, its systems, and components, through a detailed course curriculum. The aim is to master troubleshooting methodologies specific to the ERJ145, and learn how to efficiently identify and rectify technical issues. Interactive modules, multimedia content, and scenarios enhance the students’ learning experience and reinforce their understanding.

ERJ145 Maintenance Training course with many highlights

The ERJ145 online course is aimed to provide aircraft engineers with a detailed understanding of various critical aircraft systems. While going through the course students explore the aircraft's basics like airplane description, gain an understanding of the aircraft's interior systems, the equipment, all technical features and avionics specifications.

By the end of the course, the aircraft engineers will be equipped with a robust knowledge base and practical insights into aircraft systems, empowering them to take on complex engineering challenges, make informed decisions, and contribute significantly to the aviation industry's continuous advancement.

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