Runway Surface Condition Assessment and Reporting

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Course Description

This Runway Surface Condition Assessment and Reporting course has been developed to assist aviation personnel to meet the ICAO requirements for runway surface condition assessment and reporting.. A fundamental change in the new reporting system is the introduction of runway condition code (RWYCC).

The Runway Surface Condition Assessment and Reporting online course is specifically designed to equip pilots, airport personnel, and dispatchers with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills related to assessing and reporting runway conditions. This interactive and engaging course provides a solid foundation for understanding runway surface conditions, enabling participants to make informed decisions and ensure safe operations. The course meets the ICAO requirements for runway surface condition assessment and reporting.

Training Areas

  • Pilot
  • Airport
  • FOO (Dispatcher)




At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the background to the ICAO GRF
  • Differentiate the changing requirements for runway condition assessment and reporting
  • Define the major elements of the Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM)
  • Use the RCAM to assess and report on runway surface conditions
  • Explain under what circumstances runway condition codes (RWYCC) can be adjusted via a downgrade or upgrade
  • Recognize when a Runway Condition Assessment should be conducted
  • Describe the steps required to conduct a Runway Condition Assessment
  • Determine the RWYCC to be used in the Runway Condition Report (RCR)
  • Use a Runway Condition Worksheet to record the data generated by a RCR, including the assignment of RWYCC and the generation of the final RCR.

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