Cosmic Ionizing Radiation

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Cosmic ionizing radiation or short cosmic radiation, is a form of ionizing radiation that comes from outer space. While even a very small amount of this radiation reaches the earth, radiation levels rise with higher altitude as well as at higher latitudes.

This Cosmic Ionizing Radiation course will familiarize you about the basics of cosmic ionizing radiation, the exposure level, effects on health as well as mitigating strategies and fulfills the requirements of FAA AC No: 120-61B and EASA SIB No.: 2012-09R1

Training Areas

  • Pilot
  • Cabin Crew
  • FOO (Dispatcher)
  • Management




Course Topics:

  • Classification of radiation
  • Level of cosmic radiation
  • The Carrington Event
  • Effect of radiation
  • Exposure and mitigating strategies
  • Influence on instruments and infrastructure

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