Fatigue Management Training (long&short haul operations)

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2 hours

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The Fatigue Management Training (long&short haul operations) explains how fatigue, sleep loss and circadian disturbance can degrade performance and have therefore an important influence on safety. The course fulfills the requirements of AMC1 ORO.FTL.250.

Training Areas

  • Pilot
  • Cabin Crew
  • Maintenance Others
  • Management




The Fatigue Management Training covers the following topics:

  • Applicable regulatory requirements for flight, duty and rest
  • The basics of fatigue including sleep fundamentals and the effects of disturbing the circadian rhythms
  • The causes of fatigue, including medical conditions that may lead to fatigue
  • The effect of fatigue on performance
  • Fatigue countermeasures
  • The influence of lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, and family life on fatigue
  • Familiarity with sleep disorders and their possible treatments
  • The effects of heavy short range schedules on individuals (if applicable)
  • The effect of operating through and within multiple time zones (if applicable)
  • The crew member responsibility for ensuring adequate rest and fitness for flight duty
  • Optimum use of sleep before night duties or late finish duties, and in-flight rest

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