Air Operations Training

Compliance, Customization and Competency-Based Approach

Welcome to infoWERK, the leading provider of comprehensive eLearning solutions for air operation training. We prioritize compliance, customization and competency-based learning to meet the unique needs of your aviation organization. Experience seamless training through our user-friendly Learning Management System.


Extensive library of eLearning courses

With our extensive library of online courses, infoWERK offers a diverse range of training options, from “A” as ACAS/TCAS training to “W” as Winter Operations training. All our courses are designed to meet EASA regulations, ensuring your organization's compliance with industry standards.

We understand that each operator has distinct requirements. That's why our courses can be customized to align with your specific needs. Whether you need to incorporate company-specific procedures or adapt training to your operational environment, we can tailor our courses accordingly.

Competency-based courses and efficient training administration within the infoWERK LMS

To enhance the effectiveness of our training, infoWERK also offers competency-based courses. This approach focuses on evaluating and developing the practical skills and knowledge required for specific job roles within the aviation industry. Our competency-based courses ensure that your personnel are equipped with the expertise needed to excel in their positions.

Managing and monitoring training is made simple with our user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS). Seamlessly assign courses, track progress, and generate reports to keep your personnel on track. Our LMS streamlines the training process, saving you time and effort while ensuring efficient training administration.

By choosing infoWERK for your air operations training, you can be confident that your organization will maintain compliance, benefit from customized training, and embrace a competency-based approach. Our courses foster continuous improvement, allowing your team to adapt to evolving industry requirements and excel in their roles.

Join the numerous aviation organizations that have trusted infoWERK for their training needs. Explore our comprehensive course catalog today and experience the convenience, customization, and competency-based learning we offer.

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