Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Courses

Basic Requirements or RNP AR Approach

Explore the world of pilot training with our comprehensive Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) courses! Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is a new concept based on the use of Area Navigation (RNAV) systems. Learn the basic requirements of PBN and enhance your flight operations and crew pilot skills.


The Performance Based Navigation - Basic Requirements training provides general information on the Performance Based Navigation concept including terminology and the basic idea behind. Furthermore, it gives details on the appropriate RNAV and RNP specifications.

The PBN - RNP AR (Authorization Required) Approach course is a special course for RNP AR (Authorisation Required) Approach. The RNP AR procedures can provide significant operational and safety advantages over other area navigation (RNAV) procedures.

Our e-learning program provides the perfect platform to grasp the essential concepts of PBN, empowering you to navigate with precision and efficiency. Unlock your full potential as a pilot and stay ahead in the dynamic aviation industry.

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