UPRT Upset Prevention and Recovery Courses

Upset Prevention and Recovery Courses for Turboprop or large, swept-wing airplanes

Loss of control in-flight occurrences have become frequent and can cause fatal accidents. The Upset Prevention Training (UPRT) for Turboprop or large, swept wing airplanes have been designed to equip pilots with the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques to prevent and recover from upsets.


The aircraft-specific trainings are tailored for turboprop and large swept-wing airplanes, ensuring precise and relevant learning experiences. The UPRT courses cover a wide range of upset scenarios, emergency procedures, and best practices for maintaining aircraft control.

During studying pilots will experience engaging multimedia content, quizzes, and interactive elements to keep them motivated and to reinforce understanding. Pilots have the flexibility to learn at their preferred pace and convenience, granting them access to course materials 24/7 through the Learning Management System on any device.

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