Type Training Courses: ATR, DHC8, ERJ145, Dornier 328, and Customizable Options

We at infoWERK we are a trusted competency center and esteemed hub of experts when it comes to Type Training courses. Our extensive selection of courses covers the entire ATR and DHC8 aircraft lineups, along with the ERJ145 and Dornier 328 models.


Our Type Training courses cover initial, recurrent, and familiarization training, ensuring pilots and maintenance personnel receive the necessary knowledge and skills to operate these aircraft safely and efficiently.

Customization and competency-based options for the Type Training courses

As a provider committed to meeting the unique needs of operators, we offer customization options for our Type Training courses. We understand that each operator may have specific training requirements, and we can tailor our courses accordingly. By customizing the training, operators can address specific procedures, systems, or other elements that are crucial to their operations.

Additionally, infoWERK provides competency-based Type Training courses, allowing operators to enhance the learning outcomes for their personnel. Competency-based training focuses on developing practical skills and job-specific competencies, ensuring a more targeted and effective training experience.

infoWERK as trusted partner for Aviation eLearning

Our expertise and experience in Type Training make us a trusted partner for operators seeking comprehensive, customizable, and competency-based solutions. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality training that aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Choose infoWERK for your Type Training needs and experience the excellence that comes from our commitment to operator satisfaction. Explore our courses today and equip your team with the knowledge and skills required for safe and successful operations.

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