EMB 145 Courses

Online Embraer 145 (ERJ145) Initial and Recurrent Pilot Training

The infoWERK ERJ145 Initial and Recurrent Pilot Training course is designed to provide aspiring flight crew members and pilots with comprehensive knowledge and skills essential for safe and efficient flight operations on the Embraer ERJ145 aircraft. Developed by industry experts at infoWERK, the courses are packed with with interactive modules, multimedia content, and scenarios that enhance the students’ learning experience and reinforce their understanding.


ERJ145 Training with many course highlights

While learning the pilots explore the aircraft's history, specifications, and advanced features that set it apart in the aviation industry. At a further step they gain in-depth knowledge of ERJ145 systems, including avionics, hydraulics, electrical systems, and more. Furthermore, they learn to master the art of flight planning, route optimization, and weather analysis to ensure safe and efficient flights and to develop the skills to handle various emergency scenarios, enabling you to stay composed and make critical decisions under pressure. Finally, the pilots get to understand the aviation regulations and standards set forth by relevant authorities to ensure compliance and safety in flight operations.

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