Operational Control & Flight Dispatch

Dispatch / Flight Operations Officer Training

Unique Dispatch/Flight Operations Officer (FOO/FOA) training solution

At infoWERK, we understand the importance of meeting the updated ICAO and EASA competency-based training requirements for Flight Dispatchers. To address this, we have developed a unique Dispatch/Flight Operations Officer (FOO/FOA) training solution.


Our training solution empowers you to assign topics to your staff based on the specific requirements of their tasks. You have the flexibility to determine what training is needed and when it is needed, ensuring optimal training outcomes for your team.

Powerful infoWERK Learning Management System (LMS)

Customize topics to fulfill specific tasks and assign training as needed. Central to our training solution is our powerful Learning Management System (LMS). It provides comprehensive management, documentation, and tracking of all training activities. The LMS streamlines the training process, making it efficient and convenient for both administrators and learners.

More than 70 standard course modules for the FOO/FOA Recurrent training

To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, our training package includes over 70 standard course modules covering various topics, from Air Law to Communications. These modules cater to both initial training and recurrent training needs. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to customize and add additional content, questions, and exams to align with your organization's specific requirements.

We also offer the flexibility to create competency-based course modules. This approach focuses on developing practical skills and job-specific competencies, enhancing the effectiveness of training for Flight Dispatchers.

As part of our training solution, we provide a virtual classroom and virtual briefing options. These interactive features can be added to any training or used as standalone events, facilitating engaging and collaborative learning experiences.

FOO standard pre-defined courses

As an alternative, we offer FOO Initial and/or Recurrent courses as "standard pre-defined courses" per user and course. This option provides a structured training approach for those seeking a more standardized training experience. Choose infoWERK for your Dispatch/Flight Operations Officer training needs and experience the benefits of our customizable and competency-based solutions. Explore our training options today and empower your team with the knowledge and skills required for effective flight operations.

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