Three brand-new courses for Basic Maintenance Training on Electrics, Flight Controls and Instruments (analog)

If you are a future aircraft maintenance technician or if you would like to refresh your basic knowledge these news might be interesting for you!


We've just released three brand-new courses for Basic Maintenance Training for








The training for ELECTRICS contains basic electric topics like atomic structure, Ohm's Law, magnetic fields, and more. With a course duration of 7 hours the course concludes with a comprehensive multiple-choice questionnaire.


The curriculum for the INSTRUMENTS (analog) course includes an introduction, airframe indications with a focus on the pitot-static system and its errors, magnetism and direct-reading compass, gyroscopic instruments, and engine indications. The topics are explained in detail with practical examples and applications. Enroll now to elevate your aviation maintenance skills.


In the third new course on FLIGHT CONTROLS you can explore the basics of flight control systems, covering roll, pitch, yaw control, high lift devices, drag inducing devices, and more! Enroll now and soar to new heights of knowledge.


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