VC Pro

designed for hybrid training

The Virtual Classroom Pro system is designed for professionals who need to use the full range of didactical tools in hybrid classes. 

The guiding principle in the design of the VC Pro was the idea of reducing the pedagogical disadvantages of distance learning in a hybrid environment and uniting local and remote students in a natural way.

VC Pro overview

infoWERK has created this

totally new system

out of our long experience

with hardware and software in the areas of conferencing,

training and virtual classroom.

VC Pro didactic experts

Together with

didactics experts

from the university sector

Seamless integration

seamless integration - local students

of local students,

seamless integration - local instructors

local instructors

Imageseamless integration - remote students

and remote students

The VC Pro system gives the instructors the tools they need to manage live classes in a hybrid world.

VC Pro consists of 3 elements

VC controller icon


VC presentation icon


vc meeting icon



Controller station

with integrated server and audio system
server icon


The core of the VC Pro system is a Linux-based server that manages all connected hardware.

touch display icon

Touch display

Controlled from the 24" instructor touch display.

wireless microphone icon

Wireless microphone

Since audio is the most critical part in a virtual classroom environment, we have integrated a professional wireless microphone from Sennheiser.

VC pre-configured icon

The controller station comes

pre-configured & ready to use.


 It needs to be complemented by at least an interactive
front display with speakers and a rear display with
a PTZ-cam and speakers.

Presentation display

VC Pro -  Presentation display
Interactive Display icon

Interactive Display

The additional large interactive front display shows all content for the local students.  The online students get the same content via stream.

sound icon


The presentation sound is delivered to the local students via the soundbar on the display. The online students get the same sound via stream.

Meeting display

VC Pro - Meeting display
Web display icon

Web display

This rear display shows the webcam images of the remote students.

Web sound icon

Web soundbar

The participants‘ sound is delivered to the instructor and local students through the soundbar on the display.

Full HD webcam icon

Full HD webcam

The remote students get the image of their teacher and the class delivered via the Full HD webcam.


for the remote students
VC Student requirements
vc Requirements computer icon


Standard notebook, Tablet or PC with headset,

microphone and webcam.

vc requirements internet icon


Up-to-date internet browser with internet access.

No additional software to download or install.

 If you would like more information about the infoWERK VC Pro, please contact us.

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