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Company History

infoWERK's development from its establishment up to now

From start on it was our goal to develop and deliver modular and integrated solutions and appliances for vocational training and professionals.

In 1994 we started our extensive development of eLearning training courseware mainly for the aviation industry.

In 1998 we began developing our own Learning Management System to enhance the advantages of our eLearning Courseware for our customers and partners.

In 2000 infoWERK won the Austrian Multimedia Prize.

In 2003 we extended our activities to build bridges between eLearning and conventional classroom training. We started to integrate audio-visual presentation systems for vocational training providers. From now on we were able to deliver turn-key solutions for training providers in the online and offline world.

In 2007 we released a new version of our Learning Management System which was ready for the new internet technologies.

In 2012 the Virtual Classroom Solution 'iv-teach' was developed to close the gap between eLearning and traditional classroom training.

Another system solution, the Virtual Meeting Room 'iv-meet' was developed in 2014 to connect small conference rooms and allow offline and online conferences, lectures and desktop sharing.

Between 2014 and 2018, many new partners and customers were acquired in both the eLearning and media technology sectors, and new product developments catched a lot of attention. Thus in 2018 infoWERK won the eLearning Award for its 'Competency Based Training'.

In 2019, infoWERK started to create a new division, the infoWERK technik manufaktur, where in addition to the existing core business plug-and-play media systems are being developed in high-quality design and tailor-made.

In 2020 the Learning Management System (iv-track) and the Virtual Classroom (iv-teach) were released in a brand-new version.


We now offer a total one-stop service for eLearning, eConferences, educational appliances and audio-visual systems for training and conference providers.

We develop and deliver technology to enhance and enrich technical and vocational training and communication.
We have a strong background in the aviation industry and extend our reach into other industries.

We can therefore offer both, development and sale of off-the-shelf eLearning products, and, secondly, innovative and customized media software and hardware for training, education and presentation including audio visual solutions for universities, vocational training institutes and professionals.