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03/12 CAT

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Courseware with a Difference 

(Reprinted by permission Halldale Media Group - CAT Magazine, Issue 3/2012, Page 39)

infoWERK multimedia and FARNAIR Training have announced a new ATR multimedia-based training with a different feel to it. Produced by an operator for operators, it provides not only technical knowledge, but also operational aspects and hints, which help to improve the daily operation of the ATR.

The new multimedia-based training (MBT) was designed with the aim to produce a tool with a practical feel to it. It was a project in which infoWERK, as the producer, worked closely with FARNAIR Switzerland AG. The CBT not only explains in details technical systems, but also operation procedures are inclduded, such as recognising severe icing and the severe icing procedure as published by ATR. Limitations are included in the appropriate chapters. The MBT is based on the ART 42-320 which provides difference and familiarisation training for all other variants except the -600, which will follow later.