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infoWERK CBT software 'MUBIS' wins 2018 eLearning award


(Reprinted by permission Halldale Media Group - CAT e-News Update, Issue 30 November 2017 and CAT magazine, Volume 28/Issue 6/2017)

infoWERK Medien & Technik GmbH has received an award in ‘Competency Management’ from the eLearning Journal for its Multimedia-Based Integrated and Interactive Simulation System (MUBIS) software.

MUBIS was designed in collaboration with AeronautX Luftfahrtschule GmbH and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency to provide competency based training (CBT) for pilots and technical aviation staff by integrating practical elements into theoretical training. It combines the capabilities of a full flight simulator, flight training device and underlying learning management system. By delivering simulator data in real-time over the internet into the classroom, instructors can explain the theory in a more user-specific way with the help of practical implementation. The solution fulfils ICAO’s requirements for the implementation of ‘Scenario-Based Training’ and ‘Evidence-Based Training’ (Doc.9995) in both initial and recurrent training.

“This recognition of excellence from the eLearning Journal with its rigorous selection process is a real honour,” said Roland Gatt, Managing Director of infoWERK. “Winning the eLearning Award after the Worlddidac Award in 2014 is again an important accolade for our organisation and further establishes our company as an innovative supplier of solutions for further education and training, especially in the aviation sector.”

As part of the eLearning Journal awards, the winning projects are published and presented in its ‘Yearbook eLearning & knowledge management’ publication. Furthermore, the eLearning Journal organises a yearly award ceremony as part of ‘didacta,’ the largest Education Trade Fair in Europe. infoWERK will attend the award ceremony on 20 February 2018.