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Learning Management

Learning Management System

infoWERK's powerful eLearning administration system

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

The core of a robust web-based training solution is a ‘Learning Management System (LMS)’. infoWERK as an e-learning provider has successfully addressed the needs of its customers and developed the SCORM compliant

infoWERK Learning Management System.  

  • It is a powerful enhancement tool for administering standardized e-learning courses. In one system you can enroll, manage, communicate, test, track and report. In other words, the infoWERK LMS gives you complete control and accountability of your distance-learning program.

  • It is completely web-based, exceptionally easy to use and its clear, user-friendly menu structure allows quick generation of courses, online assessments, integration of additional content and exercises as well as editing of courses thanks to module-based course-structures.

System Components:

Users and Courses: enables administration of all LMS users, groups and courses.
Module Management: allows instructors to rapidly create and administrate e-learning modules and online assessments, define locksteps and course prerequisites and set time limits for courses, etc.
Reports: The Reports Administration provides information about progress and results for single users, subgroups (i.e. users from a particular company) or all users assigned to a course. The learner’s activities are tracked, and reports are available at any time during the training.
Settings: allows multi-language user support. Just one touch of a button is required to alter the language of the Learning Management System
Examination System (optional): enables the creation of exams out of a question database
Virtual Classroom (optional): allows live-teacher instruction from anywhere in the world
Virtual Meeting Solution (optional): allows easy online or offline meetings for lecutres, desktop presentation or conferences

Highlights of the infoWERK LMS:

  • The user interface for students and instructors is user-friendly and at the same time extraordinarily powerful.

  • A special “Settings” module allows multi-language user support.

  • The modular design gives the system exceptional flexibility. You can add new functionalities to the system without changing the current functions.

  • Due to the modular structure of the infoWERK LMS, it supports a large number of fully independent customers, each with customized system configurations.

  • Using the Group feature, the time necessary to enroll large numbers of students is dramatically reduced.

  • The defined communication interface in the infoWERK LMS allows you to keep accurate historic records, to export functions and easily generate reports.

  • infoWERK’s LMS supports and is in compliance with open standards, such as SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model). 

If you contact us we are pleased to help you optimise our LMS for your individual needs.