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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

infoWERK's powerful digital Instruction System

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Compliant with EASA requirements!


infoWERK's  Virtual Classroom 2.0 is a digital instruction solution that enables live-teacher instruction from anywhere in the world. Since it is compliant with EASA requirements it is the right tool for your training organization.

You can choose between 3 versions, the „Software only“, the „VC Basic“ and the „VC Pro“ version. In all 3 systems the sophisticated technology allows flexible and ad-hoc planning of training sessions and offers your organisation a brand-new and improved training solution for all current and future training needs. Besides it is always guaranteed that the lessons are tracked, thanks to the direct connection to either the infoWERK Learning Management System (LMS) or other LMS‘ (easy integration via SCORM packages).


The Virtual Classroom is available in three versions:

Depending on the requirements of the training organisation the three options differ primarily by the hardware used.

  • Software only:  If you require online training only occasionally.  ---  VC software but NO hardware

  • VC Basic:  If you require online training frequently.   ---  VC software & simple hardware

  • VC Pro:  If you conduct many and long online and attendance training session to online as well as live students.  --- VC software & well-engineered hardware


All three options can be:

  • part of the infoWERK LMS or
  • delivered as SCORM package for the integration to other LMS‘ or
  • delivered as stand-alone unit (without any LMS integration)

For each option (‚Software only‘, ‚Basic‘ or ‚Pro‘) a certain number of Virtual Rooms can be set up. These virtual rooms can be defined to the organisation‘s requirement (Workgroup, Classroom, Lecture). While Workgroups with less participants will require more possibilities of interactions, a Lecture for a larger number of students will require a more straight forward training process. The pre-defined set up of the virutal room will gurantee this.


If you would like to receive more information about our Virtual Classroom 2.0, please contact us.