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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

infoWERK's powerful digital Instruction System

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom


infoWERK's  Virtual Classroom (iv-teach) is a digitial instruction solution with the aim to close the gap between multimedia-based training (MBT) and the traditional classroom. It is designed to teach local students AND virtual students in a familiar classroom environment.

By connecting virtual students through their browser to a live and local class trainers can extend their regional reach by delivering an intuitive technology to anywhere in the world.

The VC is 100% web-based and fully integrated into infoWERK's Learning Management System (LMS). There is no software installation necessary for teachers or students and can even be used via mobile devices.


Download Virtual Classroom App for iOS:                


Download Virtual Classroom App for Android:         

The Virtual Classroom is available in two versions:

  • Preconfigured "Distance Teaching" solution 

  • "Teletrainer" Desktop version