Automotive Training Equipment

Automotive Training Equipment

Technical education equipment for various programs and levels

We provide a full range of teaching equipment to suit classroom and workshop. The technical education equipment ranges from vocational training to university level and includes various programs and levels.


Our equipment is known for innovative designs and a level of quality unmatched in the industry. The infoWERK range covers all for automotive training and the main engineering disciplines, and is constantly evolving in line with the growing demands of technical education.

Strict quality control procedures at each stage of design and production ensure that our products always meet the very highest standards. They are robust and designed to withstand long term, heavy laboratory and classroom use. This ensures reliable operation over many years and a high standard of teaching and learning. 

All infoWERK products include high-quality user guides, which provide relevant theory, technical information and experiments.
The comprehensive level of support helps students understand the principles involved with each experiment, enabling them to put theory into practice.


The HAKO Range

The HAKO Range

The THEPRA Range

The MAYER Range

The MAYER Range

The THEPRA Range

The THEPRA Range

The THEPRA-Range comprises educational appliances and test stands for the theoretical education and practical training of car mechanics, -fitters, -electricians and -electronics mechanics. The training units are assembled mostly of genuine car parts under close consideration of didactic and pedagogic requirements. A detailed description and operating instructions will be furnished with every unit.

For more than 25 years, these valuable units and instruments have yielded the best results in systematic demonstration and group training at professional schools, technical colleges, training divisions of individual companies and in other forms of technical education.
Our highly skilled and experienced research team stays in close contact with the practical and theoretical development of automobile engineering thus ensuring the continual adaptation of our appliances to the state of art. THEPRA-appliances are to be found in more than 40 countries worldwide.

In our THEPRA-Range we offer educational equipment for practical training in following fields:  


  • Automotive Electrics

  • Automotive Electronics

  • Engine Technology - Petrol

  • Engine Technology - Diesel

  • Sustainable Mobility

  • Drive Train

  • Chassis / Steering

  • Brakes

  • Safety / Comfort

For more detailed information and any inquiries we kindly ask you to send us an e-mail to info@infowerk.systems with a short description of your needs and requirements and we will come back to you!