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01 Dec 2019
Winter Operations 2019/2020 now available!

infoWERK has released its Winter Operations Training 2019/2020.

The training is in compliance with the SAE Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing Training and Qualification Program issued 2019/06 (AS6286A) and EASA SIB No.: 2018-12.

The multimedia-based training is available as Initial as well as Recurrent Training. While the Initial Training covers also basic information on De-/Anti-Icing, the Recurrent Training focuses on the De-Anti Icing Process and the related procedures.

Winter Operations Courses are also available for Cabin Crew, Maintenance and Airports (De-/Anti-Ice Operator). Customized courses are available upon request.
Please contact us for more information. For a detailed overview on course content and regulatory references check our website.