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13 Jun 2018
Rating 2018 - "very good" for infoWERK

For companies, progressive digitalization is often both a curse and a blessing.

While new technologies ensure greater efficiency and productivity, competition is intensifying at the same time.

Especially in times of change companies must be able to rely not only on their own investment strength, but also on the solidity and creditworthiness of customers and partners. Keeping this background in mind, the KSV1870 Group, Austria's largest association for the protection of creditors has again carried out an in-depth corporate audit of infoWERK Medien & Technik GmbH. The KSV rating describes the creditworthiness of a company in a single key figure. More than 20 factors under different weights and in special combinations are included in the calculation.

      Once again this year infoWERK was awarded a "very good credit rating".


Our above-average and stable economic basis enables us to make investments from equity. This enables us to implement upcoming innovations quickly and independently, and we continue to be a reliable long-term employer, contractor and partner in the market.