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04 Dec 2018
Route Competence Training available soon

Be prepared! infoWERK will release its brand-new Route Competence Training in early 2019.

When acting as an operating pilot, a pilot must have adequate knowledge of the route to be flown and of the aerodromes (including alternates) facilities and procedures to be used. Due to the increasing requests received from our clients, particularly from our corporate jet operators outlining the need and the possible benefits of having an eLearning course for Route Competency infoWERK decided on a cooperative development together with Jet Aviation Flight Services Ltd. to initiate and put this idea into practice.

We both are therefore happy to offer soon the full ‘Route Competence’ package to our existing and new clients. Our training being under development will include knowledge of various areas around the globe, among them the United States, Canada, Alaska, Central America, South America, Pacific, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.



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The following chapters will be included:

  • Communication and Navigation Procedures
  • Surveillance, Search and Rescue (SAR) procedures
  • Air Traffic facilities, services and procedures
  • Terrain and minimum safe altitudes
  • Meteorological conditions
  • Local customs, health precautions and Safety requirements

If you want to learn more, please contact us. We will be glad to submit an offer or provide you with a test access to the training as soon as it is available.