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03 Jun 2020
iv-teach - infoWERK's New Virtual Classroom Solution according IATA requirements

Due to changes of existing technology infoWERK will soon release a new version / App of the Virtual Classroom.

This new Flash free tool will be an easy to use Mobile and Desktop App with interface to our iv-track (infoWERK ’s Learning Management System). Important to mention is that there is a relatively clear idea from IATA (see IATA white paper) what a Virtual Classroom should be able to do or consist of. infoWERK with its new VC slim solution will certainly cover these requirements pointed out by IATA.


The main features of the new VC slim version are:

  • The Students’ app can be used on iOS, Android and PC
  • The Moderator’s app can only be used on PC  

Functions on the INSTRUCTOR/MODERATOR side:

  • Download of app and login with unique link
  • Stream own desktop

Areas in the instructor’s VC interface:

  1. Control area: One large and one small stream
  2. Student area: Student webcam pictures of the present students and list of invited students
  3. Communication area: Text chat field

On the STUDENT side online students can log on from any device (Android, IOS or PC), log on to the LMS, download the app and login with a unique link.

Areas in the students’ VC interface:

  1. Moderator area: Display of the 2 streams of the moderator
  2. Control area: Own webcam picture + list of names of all present students
  3. Communication area: text chat field and feedback buttons if approved by the moderator

As a special feature recommended and approved Hardware components (like touch monitor, etc) can be integrated.

For more information on the new VC slim version please contact us.