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30 Nov 2020
UPRT course update!

infoWERK launches a new version of the Upset Prevention Recovery Training with additional eContent.

We have updated our UPRT course with additional information for flights at high altitude, as well as two new chapters on the effects of Startle & Surprise and the Mental Upset Concept.


Training on Startle and Surprise is a difficult task as during training, the trainee always expects surprises. The training on Startle and Surprise therefore focuses on managing emotions to allow a rational and structured decision-making process by applying a technique that lets them manage their emotions in all surprising situations where some time is available and no immediate action is required.

An introduction to the Mental Upset Concept ROC (Relax, Observe, Control) follows the chapter on Startle and Surprise. The main goal of the ROC steps is to manage the fight-or-flight responses and to assist in structured decision making after a Startle or Surprise.

UPRT courses are available for initial as well as recurrent training for turboprop and large, swept wing airplanes.

Startle & Surprise and the Mental Upset Concept are also available as stand-alone course.