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04 Mar 2021
Another Virtual Classroom delivered

We are happy to announce that infoWERK has just snagged another customer for its updated digital instruction solution, the Virtual Classroom - "iv-teach" 2.0.

The Austrian ATO AeronautX Luftfahrtschule has been a long-lasting customer of infoWERK and has chosen the powerful VC ‚Basic‘ Version, a combination of high-design hardware elements, hand-manufactured by our infoWERK Technik Manufaktur, and an integrated software package to conduct many and longer online training sessions and/or briefings for their pilot students.



With the delivered hardware AeronautX receives a mobile design media trolley including 2 displays, high-tech camera, sound bar, integrated PC and mobile microphone. The software package contains a browser-based virtual training and conferencing solution. Depending on the virtual classroom setting, online training can be conducted for up to 10 students or even larger groups up to 50 students.  Supporting collaboration features for effective online lessons like screen and document sharing, whiteboard, group & private chat, private notes etc. are only some of the outstanding features of the new software system.



There are no special hard- or software requirements for the students, they can attend the virtual classroom sessions from any computer or notebook or even a tablet from home whereas the AeronautX instructors use the pre-defined hard- and software set up in their training center in Wels/Austria.


Also AeronautX's CEO Jörg Oberhofer is impressed about the new development:

"The iv-teach is a true "plug and train" arrangement. It took less than 60 minutes for the initial installation with a course succfessfully delivered immediately after. But most importantly it makes instruction much more relaxed for the trainer and interaction much easier than other units. And on top of it, it fulfills all EASA VC guideline recommondations. All in all a must for efficient and effective distance training and meetings. Never seen something coming close to it."


We at infoWERK are very proud to have again been able to contribute to a more flexible and successful training option for AeronautX’s flight school and thank Jörg Oberhofer and his team for the long relationship, great cooperation and trust in our continuously improved products.