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21 Jul 2021
New pilot course launched: PBN AR-Approach!

Pilots can now profit from our new Performance Based Navigation (PBN) - RNP AR (Authorisation Required) Approach course.

RNP AR procedures can provide significant operational and safety advantages over other area navigation (RNAV) procedures. Due to additional navigational accuracy and integrity approach procedures with reduced obstacle clearance can be implemented.


A RNP approach is defined as RNP AR, if one of the following characteristics applies:

  • The required RNP value for the approach is 0.3 or less
  • There is a curved approach path
  • The missed approach requires RNP 1.0 or less
  • There is a reduced secondary obstacle clearance area laterally limited to 2 x RNP without buffer.


RNP AR Approaches require a particular RNP approval for the aircraft, special crew training and usually Flight Operational Safety Assessment (FOSA).

infoWERK can now offer this special pilot training with topics like "Concept of RNP AR, RNP AR Approach Chart / Design Concepts, Aircraft Requirements, Operating Procedures for Approach preparation and Flying the approach".





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