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28 Oct 2021
New Partnership with Air Service Center Srl

We are happy to announce that Air Service Center Srl from Italy awarded infoWERK a contract for its PPL (Helicopter) training.



The company with its 4 bases will use infoWERK’s Learning Management System – to deliver PPL(H) courses for its students at its flight school location in Arena Po (PV), Italy.

The Air Service Center (ASC) school was establsihed in 1987 and over the years has proved to become one of the top flying schools in Italy. To date, the ASC school has trained hundreds of helicopter pilots who continue to provide professional service in some of Italy's top companies, as well as in highly demanding sectors, such as mountain rescue, aerial work and passenger transport. ASC has now at its disposal a fleet made of various helicopters, among them Agusta, Eurocopter or Schweizer.

The flight school offers numerous courses, designed to enable students to acquire a range of different flying licences: PPL(H), CPL(H), ATPL (H), IR etc. but is also specialized in the attainment, renewal and reinstatement of Type Ratings AS350 / EC130, A109 / AW109E, HU269 / HU369, CABRI G2.


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