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28 Oct 2021
The next step in education - HYBRID LEARNING with infoWERK's VC PRO

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of building robust and new education systems to offer new alternatives in the form of hybrid learning.

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning is a new educational model that involves some on-site students attending class in-person, while, simultaneously, others join virtually from other locations over the internet. While the concepts of blended training and eLearning have been around for some time, hybrid learning marks the next step. Not only does it offer digital, interactive, and engaged teaching in the classroom, it also ensures the same learning experience for students attending remotely.

infoWERK as a leading eLearning provider has now launched its new hybrid learning solution, the  „Virtual Classroom PRO 2.0“, a perfect combination of soft- & hardware including a comprehensive range of user-friendly features running through the entire learning process from preparation to after-class activity.

infoWERK‘s long experience with hardware and software in the areas of conferencing, training and virtual classroom has helped us creating something unique to reduce the pedagogical disadvantages of distance learning in a hybrid environment and to seemlessly integrate local and remote students in a natural way.

How does the VC PRO work?

Here is a detailed explanation about the well-engineered hardware elements with  underlying software:
3 hardware elements are necessary in this hybrid learning solution:

  • Controller station
  • Presentation display
  • Meeting display



Why a Controller Station?

The VC PRO Controller station comes pre-configured and ready to use and needs to be completed by at least an interactive front dispay with speakers (= Presentation display) and a rear display with a PTZ-cam and speakers (= Meeting display).

Presentation display

Meeting display

All the described elements allow exactly this mix of in-person and remote training participants through a well-thought-out combination of soft- and hardware in order to plan, conduct and document training sessions. The focus is set on the presentation of the teaching materials for both training groups, but especially on the simultaneous communication with the students (online and on-site).

And finally, the system is combined with a Learning Management System and compliant with EASA requirements. Therefore, it is the right tool for your organization to offer a perfect hybrid, learning environment.

Inspire your students or customers with this unique future-proof training concept.