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23 Nov 2021
NEW COURSE: In-flight check of the landing distance at time of arrival

infoWERK provides a new online course for flight crew members.

This course is required by EASA since August this year (Regulatory Reference: Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1176 - GM1 CAT.OP.MPA.303 & CAT.OP.MPA.311) and shall ensure that the commander before commencing an approach to land shall carry out a landing distance assessment to guarantee a safe approach and landing.

For this the commander shall

  • be satisfied that, according to the information available, the weather at the aerodrome and the condition of the runway intended to be used would not prevent a safe approach, landing or missed approach, considering the information contained in the operations manual (OM); and
  • carry out a landing distance assessment.

Therefore, flight crew members should be trained on the use of the RCR, on the use of performance data for the assessment of the LDTA and on reporting braking action using the AIREP format.



The course with a course duration of 2 hours includes besides a detailed description of the RCR format and content, the RWYCC and the RCAM following topics:

  • General information on contamination
  • Aeroplane control in take-off and landing
  • Take-off and landing distance
  • Flight planning considerations
  • Take-off on contaminated runways
  • In-flight landing distance assessment
  • Landing techniques
  • AIREPs

If you are interested in the new courseware please check the product page. Single users can also purchase the course via our new ONLINE SHOP. If you sign in you will automatically get one course for FREE!