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New course release: Flight Path Management at High Altitudes

infoWERK has developed a new course "Flight Path Management at high altitude", addressing the required knowledge on Flight Path Management during unreliable airspeed indication and other failures at high altitude.


As per AMC1 ORO.FC.120&130, operators above FL300 must integrate such training into their conversion and recurrent training programs.

  flight path management1



infoWERK contracted with Corendon Airlines

infoWERK has been awarded a new contract with Turkish Corendon Airlines to provide its new competency-based Flight Operations Officer (FOO) Training.


Corendon Airlines, which was founded in 2005, has become an international brand with 3 different airlines registered in Turkey, the Netherlands and Malta. Organising direct flights to 165 airports in 65 countries Corendon Airlines carries approximately 6 million passengers annually.


corendon fleet


The new FOO Training provided to Corendon Airlines via a customized learning platform was created in order to meet the updated ICAO and EASA competency-based training requirements for Flight Dispatcher. This training solution provides airlines with the opportunity to assign those topics to their staff which are required at a certain time to fulfil their tasks.


FREE COURSE: Get Ready for Summer - Flight Operations in Hot Weather and at High Altitudes

Are you ready for summer? Book your free course now to learn about flight operations in hot weather and at high altitudes.

Operating in hot weather or at high altitudes can present unique challenges. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, our new course, "Ready for Summer," is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge you need to thrive in these conditions.


ready for summer free online course hot weather operation



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