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15 Mar 2018
Drone Pilots Training launched

Drone flying has become frequent but can cause fatal accidents. As part of the required theoretical training, current and future drone operators shall acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to fly UAVs safely and prevent accidents.

infoWERK has developed a course for Drone Operators.  he course has been approved by the Italian Aviation Authority (ENAC) as part of the theoretical training for Cogtech (Cognitive Aviation Training), an EASA qualified Italian ATO. The courseware includes Air Law, Communication and Meteorology required for Drone Operators and is an English course with English audio. To help trainees to facilitate the learning process and enhance their knowledge transfer the audio text as well as the progress checks were translated in Italian language. In this way students can read along the learning content in Italian in the text box to eliminate possible lacks of understanding of training content and test questions..

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