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09 May 2019
Route Competence Training available now!

infoWERK is happy to announce the release of its brand-new Route Competence Training.

When acting as an operating pilot, a pilot must have adequate knowledge of the route to be flown and of the aerodromes (including alternates) facilities and procedures to be used. Due to the increasing industry demand, especially by corporate jet operators infoWERK and Jet Aviation Flight Services Ltd. have cooperatively developed an eLearning course for Route Competency.

The new eLearning course includes knowledge of various areas around the globe, among them the United States, Canada, Alaska, Central America, South America, Pacific, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.


The following chapters are included:

  • Communication and Navigation Procedures
  • Surveillance, Search and Rescue (SAR) procedures
  • Air Traffic facilities, services and procedures
  • Terrain and minimum safe altitudes
  • Meteorological conditions
  • Local customs, health precautions and Safety requirements

If you are interested in the new courseware please contact us. We will be glad to submit an offer or provide you with a test access to the training.