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23 Aug 2021
Increased VIRTUAL CLASSROOM demand - ATR cooperates with infoWERK

Not only the COVID-19 pandemic has changed education completely but with the distinctive rise of eLearning in general online remote teaching on digital platforms via a Virtual Classroom has become more and more normal.

Especially in the aviation industry, training providers must cater to a demand of all of their customers and students. It's not enough any more only to offer traditional classroom training or self-paced eLearning courses but many providers now add live online classes to their training concept.


ATR, world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer, has now also taken this requirement on board and has started offering live distance training to their customers. As a suitable tool they have chosen

infoWERK’s Virtual Classroom solution 2.0,

a previously updated digital instruction solution. The specialty about this system is that it is compliant with EASA requirements and therefore the right tool for every aviation training organisation. It also allows state-of-the-art hybrid training sessions combining students in the classroom and online. 

Among the different VC options ATR has selected the VC ‚Basic‘ Version as ‚Software only‘ package because it best fits their requirements for regular online training sessions and/or briefings for their flight crew students and customers.


About ATR:

ATR is a joint partnership between two major European aeronautics players, Airbus and Leonardo. Its headquarters are located in Blagnac, in the Southwest of France. ATR has sold over 1,700 aircraft, which equip the fleets of some 200 airlines in nearly 100 countries.

With an international network of training centres and full-flight simulators located in Toulouse, Paris, Miami and Singapore, ATR trains thousands of aviation professionals every year. ATR Training Centres are certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and other relevant authorities, and provide the highest training standards for flight crews, maintenance and flight operations professionals, as well as comprehensive operations support and Training Tools Solutions.


infoWERK is very proud to be part of their training approach improvement and we thank all participants for the great cooperation over the last couple of years.