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15 Feb 2022
Introduction of "Competency Based Courses (CBT)"

We would like to announce that now most courses will be available as "competency based courses (CBT)", too!

Beside our existing 'Standard Courses', Competency Based Courses (CBT) are based on the knowledge (competency) of the individual user. Users must show the their actual knowledge for a given topic (course) and then just have to go through a reduced mandatory part of the training, ie.e. are not required to proceed through all available course content.


A Competency Based Training course includes mandatory content as well as non-mandatory content.

Mandatory content:

Mandatory content is a knowledge review (questionnaire) at the start of a course or chapter, an end of course test, as well as content which is defined as mandatory because of its importance. This may also include new, revised or additional content as well as content defined as important for safety.

Each infoWERK CBT course will start with a knowledge review, which can only be visited once. Based on this assessment, non-mandatory content can be skipped. Even if a content is not mandatory, it can be reviewed any time by the user.


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